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Is Nuclear Power On Its Way Out?


Nuclear power is fast losing its popularity among governments around the world.  Germany recently shut down the 8 oldest of their 17 nuclear reactors, and passed a law to phase out the remaining 9 by 2022. Switzerland has decided to phase out all of its nuclear reactors by 2034, and Japan’s leaders are calling for a phase out of their nuclear reactors as well. On the path to phasing out nuclear power, Japan has already passed a new Renewable Energy Law.

According to the World Nuclear Association, these countries get between 25%-40% of their power from Nuclear power plants. 


% Of Power from Nuclear Plants







*According to the World Nuclear Association, this is expected to increase to at least 40% by 2017.

For every news article that mentions the dangers related to nuclear power plants (failures, radiation, unresolved nuclear waste issues), there are several more that discuss the concerns over blackouts, astronomical price increases, and a large jump in CO2 emissions from additional non-renewable energy sources. 

Based on the information provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 85% of the energy usage in the world is used by businesses. Through the use of JouleX Energy Manager, our client companies are realizing energy savings between 30% and 60%. That's a significant reduction of waste. 

Across The Board

Estimated Reduction Levels

% Of Country-Wide Energy Use


30% (easy)


45% (moderate)


60% (aggressive)


If active energy management measures were used in Germany to decrease the “across the board” business energy use by 30% (25.5% of the country’s energy use), the immediate decrease in energy usage could offset 100% of the energy lost to disabling the German nuclear power plants. This means that there would be no need for additional energy sources, price increases, blackouts, or more CO2 emissions. And that's simply from reducing energy waste...having no loss of productivity or affect on operations.

By implementing policies that reduce energy use even further, socially responsible enterprises have the ability to lower the country’s dependence on nuclear power even more, incidently while improving their organization's bottom line.

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