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JouleX Bullish on Energy Mgmt at Swiss Stock Exchange Conference


We were honored to participate in the Enterprise Energy Management - Be Energy Wise! conference held at the Swiss Stock Exchange in Zurich today. The conference was hosted by JouleX partner BORN Green Technologies.

JouleX at the Swiss Stock Exchange 

JouleX CEO, Tom Noonan, delivered the executive briefing on taking steps to reduce energy throughout the enterprise.


It’s time to stop looking over our shoulders and denying the obvious: We are wasting an enormous amount of energy and money and, as a result, we are polluting our environment for generations to come. It is time to look beyond the horizon and start envisioning the future.  

Enterprise Energy Management is a smarter and more scalable way to achieve energy efficiencies across our entire IT infrastructure; our data centers, our distributed networks that automate our offices, even our network attached building management systems like lighting, heating, and cooling.

Enterprise Energy Management is based on the principles of conservation and optimization, on providing the right amount of power dynamically only to those things that need to perform productive work, and minimizing the amount of energy supplied when idle or operating at less than full capacity.  

Enterprise Energy Management begins with having a real time understanding of the energy consumption and utilization/loads on every single device on the network, on every virtual machine processing in the data center and on every aspect of our IT infrastructure. 

Dr. Clemente Minonne, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, delivered the day's keynote speech: How IT can get more visible to the Business. The conference also featured a case study, Why Enterprise Energy Management?, and Cisco Systems shared information about the Cisco Smart Services Impact.

Thank you to our partner BORN Green Technologies for hosting this great event. We are thrilled that JouleX has become such an instrumental voice in telling the Enterprise Energy Management story and that this voice has been added to many others showing the enterprise business world that it is possible to cut energy waste and costs, reduce carbon emissions, and easily share those results in a meaningful way.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the JouleX IT Blog. We hope you'll join us on Facebook or Twitter and subscribe to our RSS Feed!  We look forward to joining you in the Green IT conversation!


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