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Products Overview

The JouleX Energy Manager (JEM) product suite reduces energy costs by monitoring, analyzing and controlling energy usage of all network-connected devices and systems—no client-side agents or hardware meters required. Unlike other technologies, JEM is a single solution that provides a global view of energy consumption for devices such as:

  • PCs, Macs, and thin clients
  • Physical and Virtual Servers
  • VoIP phones
  • Printers and copiers
  • Network switches and routers
  • Power-over-Ethernet switches
  • Heating, ventilating and air conditioning and lighting systems
  • Storage devices
  • And much more
JEM products are available for the PC, distributed office, data center, and a special build for Cisco EnergyWise customers.


JEM performs four primary functions:

Discovery and Measurement
JEM remotely measures energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions for all network-connected devices and systems across the enterprise network, data center and facilities

Assessment and Simulation
JEM pinpoints energy reduction opportunities by analyzing energy data (consumption, costs, carbon, savings, etc.) by any grouping (date, time, location, device, application, cost center, business unit, etc.). JEM also enables you to simulate energy saving scenarios.

Policy and Control
JEM enables you to create policies to automatically control energy consumption using JEM’s time-based, location-based and robust event-based policies. JEM’s execution proxies use existing network and systems management infrastructure to automatically control energy usage of devices and systems.

Reporting and Decision Support
JEM provides interactive, drill-down reporting capability. Use JEM to view energy usage, cost, carbon and potential or real-time savings by location, cost center, business unit, device, system or group. JEM also enables cost and usage comparisons over time for specific devices, locations, etc.


  • Agentless network-based system – simple deployment with no maintenance overhead for agents.
  • JEM energy policy – align energy information with your business and apply rules to govern usage.
  • Multi-vendor support – for Windows, Mac, PCs, Servers, VoIP, network devices, facilities today!
  • Support for multiple energy sources, prices and currencies – for the most accurate energy accounting.
  • Flexible rules engine – leverage simple rules to eliminate energy waste.
  • Powerful reporting module – understand historical and current energy usage for decision making.
  • Corporate energy dashboard – transparent view of energy costs across your enterprise.
  • Carbon emissions reporting – complies with emerging regulatory environment.


  • Simplicity – fast and easy deployment.
  • Comply with emerging regulatory environment – start tracking carbon savings today!
  • Energy transparency – see the way energy is used across your enterprise.
  • Immediate Savings – save over $300K in energy costs per year for a 5,000-user network!